All about currencies and resources in Castle Clash


In recent time the Castle Clash is top demanded game and in which you can select your heroes. The players will be familiar with the user interface. Many kinds of things are only open with some amount of currency. The game has various resources for playing smoothly, and we should collect them. There are you can build your own army for battles and protect your empire from the attack of various enemies. Anyone wants to obtain enough amount of currency, and for that, the players are choosing the Castle Clash Cheats. We should know the currency of it, and you should set some priorities for currencies.

Types of currency

In the storyline mainly three types of currencies are used like gold, Mana and gems. They are for upgrading the game, and such currencies have different kinds of powers so we can use them for many purposes.


It is the prime currency of the game, and gold is basically used for purchasing and updating various buildings. The players can grab the currency by some gold mines. For smashing the rivals, we need to upgrade the heroes, and it is possible with a sufficient amount of gold.


It is working as a resource, and you can collect it by the mana mills. It is for hiring some units, and you can use it for building gold vaults. Lots of buildings are placed on the game and on the regular time we should add new things on it, so much mana is helpful.


Gems are a unique currency, and it is changed into other currencies. The players collect much amount of it for leveling up in the game. For buying new heroes, we can use gems, and it is effective for unlocking new tools.

Use of resources

Resources are a significant part for everyone and the players’ concern for it. A large amount of it makes you powerful, and you can complete any tasks quickly. We manage such resources by login in Castle Clash Cheats.



Impressive features you need to know about Pixel Gun 3d

Action games are very incredible, and they enhance our ability to think fast and take quick decision. We can also say that it is useful to improve your real life skills. Here today we will talk about a popular game Pixel Gun 3d.  It is an incredible source to show your skills in own action world. On the both Android and IOS, it is free to play, but some items are purchasable. These buyable items start from 70 rupees to 8,300 per item. On the Google play store, it will get 4.5 rating stars out of five stars. More than 5 million people download it in all over the world.

Elements behind the popularity-

Nowadays every game becomes popular with their features. As per that in the Pixel Gun 3d Hack, many kinds of attractive things are available. If you want to get potential guide about those tips, then check deep guidance here.

  • In the Pixel Gun 3d, a chat option is available to chat with friends and others. In other words, we can say that here you can make new and stronger relationship.
  • The company will offer you high graphics which are helpful to experience the real action world with lots of missions.
  • There are many kinds of weapons are also available to kill enemies and zombies easily.
  • Here a mini-map is also available which show you all pats and nearby enemies. If you want to finds enemies and resources, then it plays an important role. On the map, 20 new locations are available in a new update.
  • You are also able to make own clan and build a personal fort and combat.
  • It comes with lots of modes which provide you with different facilities and features.


Types and uses of Currency – Avakin Life


Avakin Life is very different from all other 3D role-playing simulation games. The game considers a real-life process. As in if you have to create your avatar, start a business to survive and lots of other things also to play it. The game is very simple and easy to play as it contains normal controls. Avakin Life is quickly available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost and on various websites. It includes a wide range of in-game currency and is used most in the game.

Types and Uses

Avakin Life is the most liked game by the people, and in it, there are two important types of currency in the game, which plays a crucial role while playing. Below are some types and uses –


  • Avacoins – It is the premium currency in the game. Users can hardly get anything if they don’t have enough amounts of avacoins. These coins are used in buying stylish outfits, general items, and so many other things also. It can also be used in decorating and designing the particular house. It is impossible to go far in the game without having enough avacoins.


The avacoins can be earned with the help of doing various jobs, performing some activities and by moving to the high level, etc. These coins are also earned by watching video ads which occur in between the game while we are playing. The advertisement videos are very small like hardly 50-60 seconds, and it is the best source to earn free avacoins.

  • Gems – It is another primary in-game currency in the game. Gems also play an important role in the game and if you want get more by trying Avakin Life Hack. These are earned by performing special jobs, various types of tasks and moving onto next level. It can also be earned by organizing parties.

Information about the Legendary Game of Heroes

The Legendary Game of Heroes filled with new interesting features and functions which make the game more interesting and easy to play. These unique features include various things that we should know is to collect and establish hundreds of monsters with their different powers and abilities. There are so many battles in it like the most common is magical match 3 battle and we can also fight with our friends to compete with them and share our spoils. We also join so many other teams and defeat others team easily. After that, there are master missions that will open, and we earn special quest rewards.


What’s New in the Game?

In the game Legendary Game of Heroes, there are many newly launched tools and equipment with high-quality graphics. So many other things are also added like a new setting option, a solo leader board to know about guilds invites preference. They even fix the bugs and improve the game up to a level max level.


Steps to Play the Game:

*    Join any Guild

We have to join a guild in this and make sure to save our gold, honor points and find the gems to start. If we play well, the stages are unlocked to a higher level of friends.


*    Participate Events

Firstly we should know that events start on Thursday and end of Sunday. Don’t be confused to ask your guild members for the important gifts. In every event, we have to check the deal daily as everything is necessary.

*     Event Store

It is a game in which the most important thing is the event store. We also find so many special heroes in the store.

*    Selling the Gold or Gems

Legendary Game of Heroes is a game in which the levels or the special heroes will open only if we sell the gems or gold.


About the Game

We know very well that the game is very exciting and interesting and it is easily available in the play store. Legendary Game of Heroes Hack is a most likely game by the people. These are the features that we use to play the game.











Gardenscapes- Technique to earn Currencies

As per the human life, the currencies are also playing an essential role in the game. It is also called as the essential part of every game. As per that in Gardenscapes the currencies are also performing outstanding work. To gain the currencies in the game very hard but some good ways are available to earn more coins. So today we talk about those ways to earn free currencies. If you are interested in obtaining free currencies then read the all information carefully.

How to earn free currencies-

For earning currencies lot of way are available in the game. These are all the tips are useful for receiving the free coins.

  1. Facebook

It is the best or good way to earn free currencies. When you log in with Facebook, then you will receive the extra points. It is also the best way to connect with friends. When you open the game, then you have a choice login with Facebook and play as the guest. Then you select the option to join with Facebook. After that, you will receive some extra currencies. One of the best benefits is that you can play with your friends and save them online. So it is also the best way to earn free currencies. You will receive a thousand coins on first time login with Facebook.

  1. Tasks-

The tasks are the best part of the game. Exciting and enjoyable tasks are available in the game. With the help of tasks, you can earn the free coins. For example- Suppose you can complete the mission after that you will receive some rewards as the coins. So it is also the best way to earn free coins in the game.

  1. Levels-

In the game, you can earn the coins via complete the levels. When you complete the level, then you will receive the 50 coins per level. Sometime after completing the level, you will receive the other things as the rewards. If you want to earn the currencies for free, then complete the levels. So always complete the level in the game for achieving rewards.

  1. Daily Challenges-

The daily challenges are organized by the company. In it many types of challenges are available. When you complete the daily challenges, then you will receive the extra points. Every challenge has different rewards. When you enter the game, then it is available on your screen on a daily basis.

5. Use Cheats – 

One of the best way have a more currencies is by getting Gardenscapes Hack or free and very easy.

Ark survival Evolved Guide for beginner

Ark survival Evolved is one of the best games available for everyone, launched by the studio wildcard. For the survival lovers, it is the best game. You have to use touch screen device to play it because it is a high graphics game.  You can install it in your android or IOS devices easily. It helps you to reduce the stress level by their missions. If you are a new gamer, you can take help from the tutorial to play it.  It already has a very large number of users, because people of every age like to play it. For the beginners it hard to play first, but after some tutorials or guide, they can play it like professionals. In it try to create own tools and take find shelter to survive.   There are many more things are important to know in the starting.

Creation of the character

It is also a main part of the game to create the player. It gives you the opportunity to make a right character for the whole game. You should notice many things during the creation.

  • If you make the character very tall or very small, then you will face the difficulty of visibility in the game.
  • Your player is bald in starting so; you can’t find the option to change the hairstyle. The hair will grow with the time after some missions.

After creating the character, you have to choose the area as a starting point. Try to choose the easiest area for the best start like south part of the island. But easiest areas also have some dangerous situations, so always try to play safe.


After all the process of character creation, now it’s time to start the game. You find yourself in the forest at the beginning with the hungry character; you have to find the food and water or shelter fast by owns self. Try to take help from the map to know the right way. You have only stones available as a weapon to face the enemies, so try to pick stones from the ground.

For the starting levels, you will receive only 8 engram points by passing every level. Energy increases automatically when the levels up. Take help from hunting to fulfill your need for food.  Make your own weapons to kill the enemies.


It is a fact that if the enemy doesn’t kill you, then the need for food will kill you. Take help from the guide to get the information about the ways to get the food. Try to collect extra food with you to face the difficult time. You should away from the narcoberries because it is harmful to your player. Try to made spear. You should search the small animals and kill them to reducing your hunger.  Try to use your weapons to kill the animals.  Collect enough water to survive, by standing in the rain or try to carry water from rivers.  Sooner you will get the water jar to collect the water easily.


  • In the beginning, the most important part is to increase the level as quickly as you can. You should keep performing the entire tasks on time to increase the level fast. Use all the resources to increase your experience, after some time you will get the notification that you are able to continue in next level.
  • Click on the stat boost screen to collect points to your stats. You should increase the health or stamina in game, and it helps you to carry more things or food to survive more.
  • In the beginning, you don’t have weapons. It helps you to run fast because at that time you have less weight on the shoulder.
  • Try to collect more points to unlock the recipes for you; it helps and provides you all information about weapons in an easy way.
  • To choose the inventory tab, you tap to the backpack icon, which is placed at the top left side of the screen.
  • If you need a craft several times at the same item, then you should go to the batches to do it.

The game Ark survival Evolved is not easy for the newcomer, so try to take help from the tutorial and ARK Survival Evolved Hack.





Why Should You Consider The Golf Clash?

Why Should You Consider The Golf Clash?

If you want to play a sports-based game which provides realistic experience then consider Golf Clash. It is developed by the Playdemic Games. The game is including, excellent graphics, good gameplay, and awesome features. All these things are attracting the players most and provide them a better experience. With it, while playing the game, the players can feel that they are playing the golf in the real world. By it, the players can easily spend the free and makes it entertaining.

In a game, the role of virtual currency is so important. The players are required to collect both types of currency for the beneficial outcomes and improve the gameplay. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to explain the key facts relate to the in-game funds.

Classification of currency

In case of Golf Clash, the coins and gems are two types of currencies. Both are playing an important role in the game. By spending these funds, the players are able to do progress in the game and unlock different types of items. The upcoming points are enough to understand the importance and their uses separately –

Gems – it is the secondary currency of the game. Its best use is related to the purchase of some rare items. These things are beneficial in several ways. By using the gems, the players are able to purchase following things –

•       Buy the club cards to upgrade

•       Purchase some chests to receive specific items

There are numerous other things can be unlocked by spending an amount of gems. When it comes to earn the gems at that time there are the limited number of options are available. The players can collect it from the chests as the reward. Another option is the in-app purchase by spending real money.

Coins – it is the primary and main currency of the game. The collection of coins is based on the efforts put by the players. For it, the players need to use the game playing skills. Following are some ways to collect the main currency easily –

•       The players can get coins on the victory of matches

•       For higher rewards, players should participate the tours

•       With it, the players should put efforts for winning weekly league challenges

 The use of coins is very important. The players are able to pay the entry fee of the matches by spending coins. With it, they can buy and upgrade the game playing gears such as – clubs.