Brawl Stars- Some Essential Facts You Want to Know

Brawl Stars- Some Essential Facts You Want to Know

Brawl Stars is one of the new generation games which is hiked a lot by the players around the world. This is the top-down shooter game that can give you the maximum adrenaline rush. With several types of characters, weapons and game modes, this game is really loved by those who are fond of shooting and killing games. By using Brawl Stars Gems Hack, playing the game can be super easy. Still, here you will get some essential information about Brawl Stars.

Ways to Unlock Characters

In the beginning, players can only use Shelly who is armed with a remote reaction gun. By using her, players can participate in the 3vs3 game mode. With the course of the game, you will get gold coins which you can use to open the Brawl Box and find the brawlers inside it:

·         To start the first game mode, you should go for 1 Slot Bowler

·         While you will activate the second game mode, you will get 3 Slot Bowlers

·         You can get 5 Slot Bowlers as soon as you activate the third game mode

·         Finally, with the activation of the fourth game mode, you will achieve 7 Slot Bowlers.

Basically, this unlocking process is quite random and therefore, you should try to accumulate as much gold coin as you can to unlock the brawlers inside them. If you want to go for real money dealing, you can also buy brawlers through the resources, called Chip.

Tips to Upgrade Brawl Levels

This is one of the most important questions that the players often ask. Upgrading the levels is quite easy. You just need to participate in the different game modes and play as much as you can. The more you participate, you can upgrade characters, and you can go to choose other characters than Shelly. Not only that, but you can also gather experience points to increase your profile level.

Brawl Boxes- What Are These?

While playing the game, you will get special containers which can be opened up using gems and gold coins. These are known as Brawl Boxes.

In these boxes, you can find your Brawlers, and if you are lucky, you can get double brawlers who can be converted into gold coins. The materials you can find inside Brawl Boxes are-

·         Common (1 Elixir)

·         Rare (2 Elixirs)

·         Epic (5 Elixirs)

·         Legendary (10 Elixirs)

Depending on the boxes, you will find brawlers as well as elixirs inside them.

More about the Game

Apart from these, there are several other essentials you can find while playing the game. Let’s have a look-

1.      Trophies- Once you participate in any PvP battles in any game mode, you can achieve trophies. The more trophies you earn, there are more chances to be the leader of your gang or the King of the Clan.

2.      Gold Coins- Earn more by participating in every game mode. Once you win big challenges, you can win a large amount. You can also get daily bonuses if your gang wins.

So, here you get much information about Brawl Stars. If you find this interesting and want to kill your boredom, play this game now.