All about currencies and resources in Castle Clash


In recent time the Castle Clash is top demanded game and in which you can select your heroes. The players will be familiar with the user interface. Many kinds of things are only open with some amount of currency. The game has various resources for playing smoothly, and we should collect them. There are you can build your own army for battles and protect your empire from the attack of various enemies. Anyone wants to obtain enough amount of currency, and for that, the players are choosing the Castle Clash Cheats. We should know the currency of it, and you should set some priorities for currencies.

Types of currency

In the storyline mainly three types of currencies are used like gold, Mana and gems. They are for upgrading the game, and such currencies have different kinds of powers so we can use them for many purposes.


It is the prime currency of the game, and gold is basically used for purchasing and updating various buildings. The players can grab the currency by some gold mines. For smashing the rivals, we need to upgrade the heroes, and it is possible with a sufficient amount of gold.


It is working as a resource, and you can collect it by the mana mills. It is for hiring some units, and you can use it for building gold vaults. Lots of buildings are placed on the game and on the regular time we should add new things on it, so much mana is helpful.


Gems are a unique currency, and it is changed into other currencies. The players collect much amount of it for leveling up in the game. For buying new heroes, we can use gems, and it is effective for unlocking new tools.

Use of resources

Resources are a significant part for everyone and the players’ concern for it. A large amount of it makes you powerful, and you can complete any tasks quickly. We manage such resources by login in Castle Clash Cheats.



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