Sweatcoin a motivational app for money seeker


Sweatcoin is an app to make money effortlessly. User of this app does not to do any hard work rather than walking or strolling. User can make money with this app by just going out doors for any kind of activity. These outdoor activities can be taking your pet for a short morning or evening walk or user may sweat little for his daily routine of jogging and skipping. For each outside step user will be paid handsome amount of cryptocurrency in the form of points and coins. This digital money can be changed and used at any time whenever the user is in need. More coins can be earned by Sweatcoin Hack as well.

How does this app work?

This app after downloading in your smartphone or any mobile device works in the back ground and works for you each step and turns it into coins. User should be worry about this because it runs in the background. Battery discharging is no longer a problem with this app because it has battery saver function and it work at only 5% of battery bars.

Two main levels of this app

  • This Sweatcoin app is designed with two types of levels which can be used by the user. These are namely Free Level and Shaker Membership Level.
    • In Free Level user gets 5 Sweatcoin for installing and later he may earn as much as he or she wants to. Everyday 5 Sweatcoins are being added. However, user has to pay 5% conversion charge of it.
    • Shaker Membership Level needs free and fresh coins to be spent. For Shaker Level Membership can earn more coins for you.

How much money and where to use

Sweatcoin provides Sweatcoins to its user for every 1000 steps. This can be increased by walking or jogging more. User can use this digital fund for buying magazines, buying running shoes, health drinks, and any electronic items. Nonetheless there is no limit to earn it but user may also use Sweatcoin Hack to have handsome amount of money in this wallet.


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