WWE Supercard – addiction of battle game

WWE Supercard – addiction of battle game


It is battle game named WWE Supercard based on extremely addictive card. Cat daddy has created this game. The game is free to download. You can play this game on operating systems like android and other IOS operating systems. In this game, you can collect many superstars to battle against your opposite team. It might be hard to manage your deck of good cards but WWE Supercards Hack is there for you to generate lot of game currency and playing matches.

Feature to use in the game

  • Player must collect thousands of cards like NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, WWE Superstars and WWE Hall of fame inductees
  • Player should earn bonuses by logging in.
  • To earn top cards player must compete king of the ring tournament.
  • Player can also avail exclusive cards by weekly cards rotating.
  • Player can too capture briefcase in money in the bank.

Character qualities:

Each superstar of the game has four different abilities which are represented by numbers. These traits could be power, toughness, speed and charisma. The matching of number decides your victory as well as defeat.

Class of cards verify your victory

The class of cards differs from one another. There are common, uncommon, rare super rare, very rare, epic cards and so on. These cards decide your chances of victory.

Battle modes

Player can take part in battles of team by joining the current team WWE Supercard team or player can create a new team. If player joins a team battle then player can access team events, chats and battleground anytime. Player can also opt for friendly match. Player must use these feature and also WWE Supercards Hack as the game is very luring and player can glued to the game for hours.

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