Tips and tricks to play Toon Blast

Tips and tricks to play Toon Blast


Have you ever played Toon Blast? It is one of the best and most demanded games of the era. Peak games develop it on 15th of August 2017. There were a huge number of games like candy crush in the market, but after the development of Toon Blast, it has become one of the most popular games in this genre. It is only game which is offering top-notch features, and one can play with their friends via social networking sites.

So if you are looking of the best game, then Toon Blast Hack would be an ideal option for you. There are various small-small things in the game which can help the user play it in the right way. In this article, we are going to tell you some of these tips to play the game in a better way.

  1. Play the level from the bottom

One of the best ways to clear the level is playing it from the bottom. If you make combos in the bottom, then the tiles above will shuffle, and there are more chances of getting a bigger combination. This will eventually help you to get a better score and also clear the level easily. The chances of having more and similar cubes will be helpful. So make sure to make in the bottom as long as you can.

  1. Play wisely

It is really important for the user to think carefully before making a move. It is really important to think in advance and one step ahead. This will help you to make better combinations, and the chances of getting a better combination will also increase.

You may have seen while playing the game there are numerous tiles and squares which are blocked can also be cleared if you play carefully. If you are stuck, then start to clear from the top and start making a bigger combination of a single color.

These are some things the user has to keep in mind to play the game efficiently. Hope that these points will be helpful for you while playing the game.

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