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Avakin Life is very different from all other 3D role-playing simulation games. The game considers a real-life process. As in if you have to create your avatar, start a business to survive and lots of other things also to play it. The game is very simple and easy to play as it contains normal controls. Avakin Life is quickly available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost and on various websites. It includes a wide range of in-game currency and is used most in the game.

Types and Uses

Avakin Life is the most liked game by the people, and in it, there are two important types of currency in the game, which plays a crucial role while playing. Below are some types and uses –


  • Avacoins – It is the premium currency in the game. Users can hardly get anything if they don’t have enough amounts of avacoins. These coins are used in buying stylish outfits, general items, and so many other things also. It can also be used in decorating and designing the particular house. It is impossible to go far in the game without having enough avacoins.


The avacoins can be earned with the help of doing various jobs, performing some activities and by moving to the high level, etc. These coins are also earned by watching video ads which occur in between the game while we are playing. The advertisement videos are very small like hardly 50-60 seconds, and it is the best source to earn free avacoins.

  • Gems – It is another primary in-game currency in the game. Gems also play an important role in the game and if you want get more by trying Avakin Life Hack. These are earned by performing special jobs, various types of tasks and moving onto next level. It can also be earned by organizing parties.

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